Zippy Bites, a healthy and gourmet alternative for a little boost

Zippy Bites are handmade chocolate truffles, containing a cocktail of vitamins and caffeine. They are intended for athletes or in case of small fatigue, for a gourmet break that gives back energy.

Gourmet energy

Zippy Bites ©

Founded in 2011, the brand is located on the border of two worlds: energy supplements and craft chocolate. If the chocolates are made by hand using organic cocoa , the ganache is enriched with nutrients, vitamins and amino acids to improve productivity and give a boost in case of fatigue.

The recipe was not developed by a scientist, but by a student passionate about chocolate. He wanted to find a gourmet recipe and develop a snack that would allow him to chain his evening classes after a day of work. After two years of experiments and learning, the balance between energy and gluttony was found and Zippy Bites was born.

Simple, sustainable and organic

The brand considers it essential to carefully control all stages of cocoa production and transport, the selection of ingredients and to test the quality of the final product. These tasks are carried out directly by the directors of Zippy Bites, to ensure that the chocolates distributed are all made from organic ingredients and produced in a sustainable way. The brand also supports communities of farmers and cocoa producers by selecting fair trade products.

For now only available in the United States, energy truffles come in different fragrances: raspberry, mint, caramel or dark chocolate. In order to fill up on energy, each truffle contains the same amount of caffeine as an espresso,

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