Multi Flavor Pack 6 Truffle Pack


About the Product:
  • Our lowest pack price! Get your weekly supply of any 3 flavors.
  • Organic Chocolate Truffles Infused With Energy.
  • Made with Organic and Fair Trade Certified Chocolate.
  • Artisanal, Hand-crafted, Chocolate Truffles
  • Non-GMO.  No Artificial Preservatives. No Artificial Sweeteners.
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The Zippy Bite is an all-natural chocolate truffle that contains an energy blend of caffeine, guarana, amino acids, and B-vitamins enrobed with organic, fair-trade chocolate.

NO Preservatives     NO Artificial Sweeteners, Colors or Preservatives   Non-GMO    Gluten Free

50 calories  2.5g fat  4.5g sugar   5 carbs

Zippy Bites were created to provide consumers a healthier alternative to energy drinks and shots which contain a large amount of negative ingredients such as artificial preservatives, sweeteners, flavors and colors.


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